wandering the cultural wilderness
UNTIL...procedural due process
Inevitably restores the Lyceum to its ancestral Brooklyn home.
We can "MAKE --- IT --- SO" quicker with your help - Read! --- Think! --- Act! --- Appear!

Theatre in need of procedural due process awareness
because 17 !> 26.

learning about issues and earning stake/votes.

application/transfer of curatorial (programming) votes
As that procedural due process dust settles,
... Gowanagus is plotting (& executing) the Lyceum re-boot
at the Lyceum or at any interim proxy Lyceum ...
Earn powerful voting programming rights
... by acts so simple
most 5th graders can readily see
what the court failed to address ...
... Then …
—vote on
lyceum next steps, or
—transfer votes temporarily
to another person/group, or
—transfer votes permanently
to another person/group, or
—trade in votes
for lyceum staff/volunteer time spent
on cause you choose from an expanding list of causes, or
—trade in votes
for a fixed fee per vote
to a cause you choose from an expanding list of causes.
... Roll up your sleeves Paladins
(become JAFO who MARUs)
at JAFOMARU.com ...
Simple things to do to help the Lyceum due process cause:
All roads lead to impermissable Decision On No Notice (DONN)
    --A) READ STATUTE--requiring service of all papers on attorneys.
  • -- common law v. statute,
    --common law (informal) appearance v. statutory appearance
  • --showing failure to serve attorney never invokes power of the court, vests no rights and has no deadline (statute of limitations) to vacate the decision
  • --showing informal appearance valid as appearance.
  • --showing extension of time to answer and service of answer are informal appearances
    --D) READ DOCKET--
  • --Note that a Plaintiff attorney affirmation swearing no appearance by any Defendant dated ... is attached to a notice of motion dated ... and entered ....
  • --Note motion decision premised on that affirmation.
  • --Note date of same attorney affirmation three years later swearing otherwise ... that Plaintiff attorney granted Defendant attorney two extensions of time, multiple oral extensions of time and that Plaintiff rejected Defendant answer back to Defendant Lyceum's attorney.
  • --Note dates of extensions and service and rejection of answer are prior to date of previous sworn statement of no appearance in support of earlier motion.
  • --Note same judge premising decision on extensions of time to Defendant Lyceum's attorney.
  • --Note proofs of service of 1st motion are not on Defendant Lyceum's attorney
    --E) ACT--
  • --Notarize/Send Affidavit
  • --Submit caselaw from any jurisdiction (for or against our position)
  • --Appear live or zoomlike at a hearing
  • --Appear at event
    --F) VOTE ON--
  • --Events Lyceum or proxy Lyceum .
  • --Assisting Other procedural due process cases.
... All this is ...
... More than wishful thinking,
but required under the
common law
statutory law
case law
and Constitution
of New York State. ...
... Either …
—the court is bound by the docket
at the time of a decision…
making the case abandoned, or
—the court is bound by the docket
three years after the decision …
making 1st decion in case a Decision on No Notice, or
--if the court decides not to be bound, as is its right,
the court may retroactively alter the docket
to do what it deems is right
(insert atty communications not on the docket at time of decision)
on terms that are just ....
so long as substantial rights of all parties, such as notice, are unaffected.
(making 1st decion in case a Decision on No Notice)
... An homage to Hari Seldon…
The place to prepare for and produce live theater/performance
for the Brooklyn Lyceum (eventually) or for any interim Lyceum
whilst the Brooklyn Lyceum and JAFOS who MARU
seek procedural due process for the Lyceum.
Things to work on while pursuing procedural due process…
—Collect resumes, Collect Proposals, Review Proposals, Vote on Proposals, Produce Proposals
--Writers, --Directors, --Artists, --Designers, --Teachers, --Performers
GOWANAGUS foundations
...building blocks made from the clay of creative JAFOs who MARU!
first look to JAFOs who MARU!
--Aesops fables
--A Christmas Carol
--Wizard of Oz
--Headless Horseman
--Moby Dick chapters
--Hans Christian Andersen
... Groups/organizations
you can benefit
by conversion of vote
to Lyceum staff time or $$ ...